About me

Chef Hazell is an award-winning private chef in New York City with a passion for farm-to table cuisine. As an experienced practitioner, she has catered large-scale events for politicians, entrepreneurs and celebrities.

She earned a bachelor’s degree and majored in Hospitality and International Cuisine. After graduating, chef Hazell started her own baking company in Atlanta, Georgia where she made custom cakes and pastries for special occasions. She also planned and developed breakfast and lunch menus for thousands of children in New York City’s public school system. While working with Continuum Health Partners, she managed hospital staffs of more than 50 who ensured the quality of patients’ meals.

Now, she is a full-time private chef who has dedicated her career to supplying her clients with enticing, handcrafted meals. Hazell’s cooking philosophy is simple: for the best results start with the freshest ingredients. Her love of cooking began at an early age when she started accompanying her grandmother to seaside farmers markets on the tiny Caribbean island of Dominica. There she would get lost among piles of exotic produce—from the juiciest passion fruit to freshly-harvested cinnamon. It was then that she discovered that every ingredient has the power to become something amazing. She has never stopped believing in the magic of fresh ingredients.

Over the years, she has competed and won awards from the societé culinaiere de philantripique, and The IHMRS's culinary competition at the Jacob Javits center. .

In her spare time, she volunteers as a guest chef with Spoons Across America’s dinner party project, working with Chef Fili and the Gracie Mansion culinary team to educate inner-city kids about the joys of cooking. She's also worked with the A.I.W.F's Days of taste as a visiting classroom chef..

Chef Hazell is a longtime member of the American Institute of wind and food (AIWF), as well as the American culinary Federation (ACF) and the James Beard foundation.